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First and foremost, I am a mum that has faced sleepless nights with my little boy. I have been sitting where you are, bleary eyed asking the universe 'When will I ever sleep again?'


Sleep became not only a priority for me when I had my son but also a true passion.


Once I discovered the art of sleep training, I was hooked and I wanted to help every single parent that I came across.


I was the friend telling all my mum friends about sleep training, I would talk about it at baby showers, school runs and to even the stranger in the park struggling to get their newborn to sleep.


I wanted to shout from the rooftops, it doesn't need to be this hard... It can be easier, better and simpler for all involved.

Baby Sleeping


Society expects that once we have a child, we should just give up on sleep. I am here to tell you that 'NO' you don't just need to accept sleep deprivation.


Many parents just struggle through the first few years thinking that this is how it is meant to be.


Again no, I can provide you with the tools and support needed to ensure that you are all sleeping soundly in no time.


I am serious when I say, you can and will get your child sleeping like a baby!

You don't need to go through this on your own, I am here to support, guide and help you along the way.


Please don't struggle, I am here to help in a gentle and non judgmental way.

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Hi, I am Gemma and I am the Founder and Owner of Hush Little Darling. I am a fully certified Sleep Coach with a true passion for helping families get the restful night sleep that they deserve.


Before having my son, I like most people, believed that having a child meant very little sleep. It was only after having him and I truly understood what sleep deprivation was (nothing like my partying all nighters in my youth).


I decided at probably 4am that enough was enough and I could not and would not do another night like we were facing night after night.


I read EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING that I could find out about sleep. 


Then BINGO... I found sleep training and it was my light bulb moment...


I could change things. SLEEP DEPRIVATION does not need to be something you just accept.


So, I set to work and I am here to say that it was challenging at times but after 2 weeks, I had a child that slept like a dream.


For the first time, I understood what the term really meant 'Sleeping Like a Baby'.


I became a better mum to my son because I was well rested and he was a happier child for the same reason.


My friends all envied me and how my son slept and I then set to work on my life's mission of spreading the word and helping as many people as I can to gain better sleep for themselves and their Little Darlings.


Please don't struggle, I am here to help.

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