Client Testimonials

Owen, 21 Months

My family was struggling with multiple night wakings and still rocking our almost 2 year old to sleep.


Within 2 weeks of our training , he was sleeping through the night and putting himself to sleep!


Gemma is an amazing sleep consultant, she really cares and becomes a friend to you.


She was always there to help, day or night. Sleep training has changed my life in such a positive way.


Thank you Hush Little Darling!

Niamh, 7 Years 

Our 7-year-old daughter was still coming into our room several times a night until our Sleep Fairy, Gemma arrived.


We had not slept properly in years and were stuck in a routine which we did not know how to get out of. Gemma took the time to explain her approach and style without judgement and inspired us with confidence. Her advice was personalised, pragmatic and most of all reassuring all the way through.


She went above and beyond for our daughter and really empowered her to make the change as well as talking her through why the change was needed for all of us.


Our daughter now sleeps in her own room every night with no fuss.


My husband and I now have our nights back and we are forever grateful that the Sleep Fairy paid a visit to our house!

Imogen, 20 Months

When both myself and my partner were at wits end with our 20 month old not sleeping, waking frequently, not napping and so much more, Gemma’s advert for Hush Little Darling popped up on Facebook and couldn’t have come at a better time!


After just three weeks Imogen is sleeping in her crib, in her own room and through the entire night.


We couldn’t believe it and still don’t to be honest but it really does work even when I slightly sabotaged it myself because I was so exhausted but Gemma got us back on track and even Imogen loves the routine she has now and I don’t think we could ever go back to how we used to be.

Thank you again for all your hard work it is well and truly appreciated.

(Two parents who are finally now getting the sleep they need and deserve )

Taron, 23 Months

I would highly recommend Gemma because she has transformed our little one's sleeping habits. He was constantly waking throughout the night and taking ages to get to sleep.


After working with Gemma, he now goes to sleep without a struggle and sleeps through the night. Every interaction with Gemma proved to be extremely professional, warm, sensitive and knowledgeable.


She literally is everything and more that you could wish for that you entrust with your child's sleep. 

I felt like I was talking to a friend and she was there to coach us through the plan day by day. 

We can not believe how much our lives have changed in just a matter of weeks.

Thank you so much Gemma, we are eternally grateful.

Jasmine, 2 Years

My Husband and I were struggling every night with our nearly 2 year old Daughter still waking several times a night. We had tried so many ‘ideas & opinions’, but nothing was working.


Unfortunately we had got into the habit of going in to her and trying to rock her, soothe her or even giving her a bit of watered down milk to get her back to sleep.

It was like a miracle when I saw Gemma’s advert on Facebook for her sleep coaching. It sounded just what we needed.

Although I was apprehensive to start with, because nothing had worked with Jasmine over the last 18 months, but Gemma was so friendly in the initial consultation that she put us both at ease.


Nothing we said seemed to phase her and she came up with some fresh plans for us immediately.

We couldn’t believe it and still can’t, to be honest,

but after just a few nights Jasmine was sleeping all the way through and no longer needed the comfort of mummy and daddy to self soothe back to sleep if she did wake.

I don’t know what kind of magic wand Gemma waved secretly over Jasmine, but her ideas really do work. I can’t imagine ever going back to how we used to be.

I would highly recommend Gemma to anyone who listens (& have already been doing) because she is so kind and friendly whilst remaining

professional at all times.

Thank you so much for everything you did for us all.

Chelsea, 2 Years

Gemma has 100% helped us! We had always been blessed with a good sleeper then out of the blue something changed with our 2 year old, she started not wanting to go to bed and then waking up every hour and me and my husband were at a complete loss of what to do.


We decided to get in touch with Gemma because we didn't want it to go on for to long, Gemma honestly has made our Christmas because our daughter is back in her new routine sleeping a full 12 hours and we have even dropped the dummy with no fuss!

Gemma's' support throughout has been amazing, there has been nights where i was sat on my daughters floor asking for advice on what to do and she would be back to me as quick as she could, arranging a call for when she felt we needed it.

Bram, 11 Months

After 11 months of listening to people say "He'll sleep after the 4th trimester", "He'll sleep when he goes onto formula", "He'll sleep when you start weaning", "He'll sleep when he starts moving more".

11 months of having my little one waking anywhere from every 45 minutes to every 2 hours, and only co-sleeping or being rocked in the pram.


It took my husband and I a little while to decide to go down the sleep training route and my only regret is not doing it sooner.


Gemma has been absolutely incredible right from the start. Because she has been through it all herself, she truly understands the ups and downs of this journey.


She prepared us well, especially for the first night which was difficult, but unbelievably our little boy slept all the way through on the 3rd night. In his own cot! We have been following our plan for 2 weeks and he sleeps through most nights now, putting himself to sleep.


His daytime naps have also improved vastly, to the point where we sometimes have to wake him up!


The support we have received from Gemma has honestly been phenomenal. She responds to messages very quickly, and the follow up phone calls are reassuring.


It is clear she is passionate about what she does.


Gemma, thank you for giving us the gift of sleep. It will make going back to work after maternity leave a lot easier.

Albie, 22 Months

If someone would have told me a month ago that we would be getting a full nights sleep I would have laughed a lot!


However with the incredible help of Gemma our nearly 2 year old little sleep thief has gone from waking multiple times a night (demanding milk, cuddles and to get in our bed) to sleeping most nights all the way through or when he does wake it takes only a moment to get him to resettle.


The first few days were hard but he got the hang on things so quickly and we always shyed away from sleep training as he is/was such a stubborn strong willed character but the plan does work and Gemma has been so supportive along the way.

Thankyou x

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Indi, 7 Months

After deciding our level of sleep (or lack of!) wasn’t sustainable we decided we needed the help of an expert.


Since starting with Gemma she’s been nothing but committed, easily contactable, professional and incredibly understanding.


We implemented several changes to help our 7 month old and we’ve seen incredible improvements.


We no longer dread nights, our little one has 2 solid structured naps in the day, a great bedtime routine and she’s also managed to ditch the dummy!


Gemma really has worked wonders and we highly recommend her.


We now have a happier, more rested baby and we’re happier, more rested parents!


Thank you again Gemma!

Leah, 4 Months

We genuinely thought our 4 Month Old was broken. Since the day we brought her home from the hospital, she had not slept for more than 40 minutes at a time. That is both day and night!


We were exhausted and my mental health was struggling. I knew she needed more sleep but I knew that so did I. Being so tired was having an effect on everything and above all.. Leah, needed more and so, I reached out to Gemma after seeing her post on Facebook.


Gemma worked with us daily to ensure that we were taking into consideration Leah's needs but also working with us as a family to get a schedule that worked for all of us. We also have a 5 year old that needs our attention.


Gemma helped us figure out a feeding schedule that works for us and helped us create great sleeping habits for Leah.


She is now sleeping 6 hour stretches and we only have one night feed which of course, we give her!


The day times are brighter as we are all more rested and Leah will now sleep in her cot and does not need to be held!


Thank you so much Gemma..

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Lucas, 6 Months
Toddler with Wooden Toys
Georgia, 2 Years

Gemma helped us completely change our situation within just 2 weeks!


We went from waking up every 30-60 minutes throughout the whole night and naps of no more than 30 mins, to a baby that wakes a max of a couple of times a night and self settles and naps around 1-1.5 hours at a time during the day!


We were also able to ditch the dummy which was much less painfu; than we expected!


The process was gradual but also detailed so we were 100% comfortable as we progressed through.


Gemma also checked in regularly and helped us amend our plan when needed.


She also made sure that our plan was appropriate for us as our baby suffers from reflux.


Can’t thank her enough!

Before I contacted Gemma my daughter hadn’t slept through the night for her entire 2 years and 1 month of life and woke up most mornings at the latest of 5:30am.

After following Gemma’s plan, she now goes to be to sleep on her own at 7pm, sleeps through the night and wakes up each morning after 6am.

It’s been an absolute game changer for my whole family. We have more energy, my son sleeps later as he isn’t disturbed, my husband doesn’t have to get up with my daughter at 5am as I’m too tired due to multiple wake ups. Mornings are happier and I don’t go to bed dreading the next wake up in a couple of hours time.

Gemma’s plans were put together in mind with what we were comfortable with and weren’t at all hard to implement. We just needed that expert advice to get us on the same page and give my daughter the structure and environment she needed to sleep!

I cannot recommend enough, my only regret is that I didn’t contact Gemma sooner.