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Are you an exhausted parent and by exhausted I mean, are you almost a walking zombie kind of exhausted? Not just.. “oh I am exhausted from a bad night or two”! 💤 Can you remember the last time you had 5 hours solid sleep never mind the recommended 8 hours? 💤 Are you struggling to focus on daily tasks due to sleep deprivation? 💤 Are you becoming increasingly impatient with your child and find yourself not being the parent you set out to be, all because you are next level tired? 💤Do you find yourself arguing with your partner or perhaps there is mounting tension, resentment and just an overall sense of unhappiness that you just know a good night's sleep or two would ease? 💤 Is sleep deprivation having a direct effect on your work or ability to care for your child daily? Do you feel that you can’t do this for much longer? 💤 Perhaps you have tried to transition away from these tactics but at 3am, you are simply just too exhausted to put up a fight? 💤 Have you tried different strategies but they just don’t seem to have worked? 💤 Do you wish someone could just come in and tell you exactly how to transition towards better sleep for your whole family and work with you to implement those changes? 💕I AM THAT PERSON AND WOULD LOVE TO HELP: I am a certified peadiatric sleep consultant that works with families that need help with childhood sleep issues. 💕I work with children from 4 months to 6 years old. 💕I am passionate about transforming sleep deprived parents into well rested parents by confidently teaching their Little Darling’s the life long skill of independent sleep. 💕I create a specific sleep program designed for your family and work with you daily for 2-4 weeks to implement the changes. 💕I am with you each step of the way giving you the knowledge, tools and strength to get you the sleep you deserve. 💕Imagine in a few short weeks, I can have you getting a full night’s uninterrupted sleep, your evenings back to spend doing something YOU love and no longer in a household of sleep deprivation. 💕Imagine hearing laughter in your hallways instead of tears…..😂 ✨You will be well rested and with the patience to be a happier parent all whilst creating healthy sleep habits which will be a gift of a lifetime for you child.✨ 💕 Don't put it off, let's make the changes together.. Book in for a free call to learn more!

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