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Baby Little Darling Silver Package

Baby Little Darling Package: 3-17 Months

  • 230 British pounds
  • Online Session

Service Description

💕 2 Week Program 💕 Preliminary Questionnaire 💕 60 Minute Video Consultation 💕 Personalised Sleep Plan 💕 3 Support Phone Calls (15 Minutes Each) In this package I will create a personalised plan to overcome any sleep issues that are currently happening with your Little Darling. My true passion is turning sleep deprived parents into well rested parents. I help parents transition away from what is no longer working and towards a new plan that works for the whole family. Common issues faced at this age: 💤 Rocking to sleep 💤 Feeding to sleep 💤 Needing parent with them to fall to sleep 💤 Bedtime battles 💤 Co Sleeping 💤 Multiple night wakings 💤 Early morning wakings 💤 Poor naps Maybe you have tried several strategies and they have not worked? Often a cookie cutter solution from a book or what you have read online is not the answer. We will work together and I will create a personalised sleep package that is specifically designed for your child. This package provides the best opportunity to give your child the tools they need to be able to sleep better for longer and most importantly, independently. Who doesn't want that,right? You will fill out a sleep journal daily where I will suggest if we need to make any adjustments to ensure you are on the right path at every turn. I will give you a clear plan of action and will guide you along the way. I truly want to gear you towards success at every opportunity and together we will get your child sleeping like a Little Darling. 📣DON'T FORGET THAT I OFFER A FREE 15 MINUTE CALL TO DISCUSS WHAT ISSUES YOU ARE FACING AND HOW I CAN HELP IN MORE DETAIL📣

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